Sudar Trust welcomes You

There is a purpose behind every person's birth. One should utilize his/her knowledge and efforts not only for his/her own growth but also contribute a little for the growth of the deprived ones, by which way one can give real meaning to their birth. Life is short; let us make it meaningful and purposeful. Let us all join and work together to up bring these less fortunate children of the society as good citizens of tomorrow and thus build a strong and peaceful world.

We have run our special school for more than 10 years successfully, now we have more than 30 students in our trust. We have seen lot of improvements & confidence in their health & mind among the students from the beginning of the classes. We teach them to improve their skills, helping tendency, some job oriented training and job opportunities.

Apart from education, we are also providing knowledge about news, general knowledge, computer and games. So they can feel free in conversations with other people (Normal Students). As a result of this they felt that they were also a normal human in this world and they have a right to live in this world as all. These are all the activities we have done till the last month of the past academic year.

Student, who can able to sit before can able to move now, students who can able to move before, can try to walk now. We are trying to make, them physically and mentally a complete human being. We have prepared one student to attend the public exam.

Apart from these students, there are more students in our area. We are planning to take in more students and help them in improving their skills and their confident level with kindness and politeness.

Bank Details

Money or Cheque Directly you can deposit in SUDAR Academy and Charitable Trust Account.

Bank Name: AXIS Bank

Address:Thiruvarur ( 00864),

IFS Code:UTIB0001237,

A/C NO:912010064405712,